Did you know that Parks Edge has a Community Observation Patrol?

The Community Patrol was instituted in the City of Port Saint Lucie to assist the PSL Police Department in patrolling communities within the city.  Patrols are comprised of community residents who are able and willing to make a commitment of time to patrol the communities in which they live.  No one knows a community better than those who live there; the Community Patrol taps into that knowledge to make neighborhoods safer.

Residents interested in participating in the Community Patrol must complete an application and fingerprint background check.  Upon approval, each volunteer must successfully complete a comprehensive, twenty-four hour training course.  Community Patrol volunteers patrol their own neighborhoods in vehicles funded by the City of Port Saint Lucie.  Their mission is to observe and report crimes and suspicious activity, thus being the eyes and ears of the Police Department.  Community Patrols also foster friendship and goodwill among neighbors.

Seven Community Patrols currently operate in communities throughout Port Saint Lucie.  These regions are: Southwest, Tradition, Golf Village, Sandpiper, St Lucie North, St Lucie West, Southbend, and Magnolia Lakes.  There are sixteen volunteers for the southwest patrol; five are residents of Parks Edge.  These volunteers have logged in more than 4,000 hours of patrol time, augmenting regular police patrols in our neighborhoods.

It is difficult to measure how much crime is prevented by the hours of community patrol; however the mere present of these dedicated volunteers makes Parks Edge and all of Port Saint Lucie a safer place to live.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Patrol volunteer, you may contact any of the individuals below or the Parks Edge POA, Inc. office.  There is always a need for more volunteers in the Neighborhood Watch Program.

Thomas Andrew, Volunteer Coordinator   772-344-4052